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Fong Tran Poetry Spring Shows

3.29 Saturday
Performance for Slow Food Conference @ Sac Food Bank 2:00pm

4. 2 Wednesday
Poetry Workshop @ Sacramento City College Cultural Awareness Center 1:00pm

4.4 Saturday
Guest Speaker “No Time to Lose” Professional Conference @ SCUSD Serna Center

4.15 Tuesday
Poetry Feature @ Sonoma State University

4.16 Wednesday
Mahogany Urban Poetry Series featuring Fong Tran @ Queen Sheba 9:00pm

4.23 Wednesday
Hot Buttons Spoken Word for Social Justice @ Sol Collective 6:00pm

4.25 Friday
Poetry Workshop @ University of Denver *tentative*

5.2 Friday
Poetry Workshop for SAYS Summit Sacramento Area Youth Speaks @ UC Davis

5.3 Saturday
Keynote for UC Davis Transfer Weekend @ Student Community Center MPR 10:00am

5.8 Wednesday
All People’s Recognition Ceremony University 4:00

The problem with what’s taught in School.

Title: History Textbooks.

Original poem by Fong Tran

Words to Poem: of page)

Directed and Edited by Somchay Phakonkham

This was an awesome project that I got a chance to do out in Melbourne, Australia. Shouts to Steve Nguyen and Indigo for hooking me up with Somchay.

Dropping a new Spoken Word/ Interview Video by The Fifth Productions. Shout outs to Julie, Howard, and UC Irvine SASA community for having me down in SoCal to keynote at their first Southeast Asian Graduation and for me to do my craft! #Honored and #humbled

gagaknives: An Apology to My Mother/Sorry Ma ›

A poem that simply defines truth not matter how hard it may come


Sorry for the long wait! But my writing process is extremely slow…when I write, I let my words and ideas come to me, I try not to force them out, and I try to get as much as I can into one piece to make it feel really complete. But anyway. Here is my latest piece, just finished it a few minutes…

"Remix" by Fong Tran

They say “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

So it must be the case that he who writes history

Wanted a round two

Cause all I see when I watch the news
are headlines that match

the titles in my high school history text books

Worlds and War and Western thinking

run on repeat like broken records

Eurocentric Euphuisms like West expansion

Exploration, Manifest Destiny, and Spreading Democracy

tactfully translated from truth as
Slave trade, colonists, imperialism

Exploitation of all your natural resources and a bad excuse for US Military

Americans play red, white skin and blue superman savior mentalities

Third world nations being left with nothing

But pillaged lands, broken homes & false promises of American dreams

History textbooks are written like a

A bad version of Lord of the Rings
and I’ve been bored since the first book

and we haven’t even talked about world history

American Propaganda

Last year’s communist

Is this year’s terrorist

The blatant basatardizing of brothers of color

To beat them down

so maybe history doesn’t repeat itself

it just seems to rhyme a lot

and we’re just caught up in the bad remix

If you don’t write your histories and tell your stories

Someone else will

And I’m not saying it’s the man

And that someone
is usually really white

Really old

And Really male

Someone need to tell my young students that

Vietnamese people

My people

My History is more than 2 textbook pages about a war

We’re a culture, a peoples, a way of life

Someone needs to tell my Hmong student

That his people’s history of helping the US CIA

In Secret War

And why its still a god damn secret

And no one knows about it

We need to tell our own stories

and if hypocritical historians can

ridiculously rant on this racist

run-down of history

than I can do it too

from now on

the migration of Southeast Asians to America

since the fall of Saigon

will now be known as

“Manifest beautification”

Cause goddammit we look good

When we talked about

Generalitistic construct that justifies a reverse racism

Called “Melting Pot of America”

Will now be called “Pho-ism”

Cause a little bit of Pho makes

Everything better

And mother is the real P.O.W.

Not prisoner of war

But through living through a refugee camp for 8 months

She was in a prison of warriors

We will write our histories

We will make our remixes

And this poem is the beginning of my mix tape

A small video about who I am and what I’m about - BE ABOUT IT! Shout outs to Lane Lewis and Christine Yeakley for making this video!!

"Don’t Really" Fong Tran Poetry Original

Its like my life and my friends lives have been put on a super timeline!

Its like my life and my friends lives have been put on a super timeline!

"I Hate Being Vietnamese" by Fong Tran

Vid Credits go to Dou Her

One of my favorite EmCee’s killing wit one of my favorite spoken word pieces

Dedicated to one of the most incredible young men that I’ve ever met: Jimmy Le! Happy Birthday little brother - Rest in Power!